NOMIK makes it possible for the Firefighters from Burgenland to enjoy certain privileges when registering to some of the Magenta products like mobile tariffs, smartphones, and internet packages. The problem was, that the registration process was difficult to manage through a lot of paperwork and validation processes, that could take up to days to be complete. We proceeded to create a visual identity, websites, posters, S.M. posts, banners, and flyers, etc. for them.

Client: Nomik (Cimet)
Role: Product Designer, Graphic Designer
Date: 2019

FOCUS 01 Identity and Graphics

Given that the firefighters are hard-working patriotists, and community-driven we used the Austrian red and white, which gave great contrast in the end.
Fireman’s Care, Austrian Pride!

After the art direction was set I constructed wireframes, web prototypes, and graphics utilizing the Adobe Create Suite, WordPress, and Sketch.

FOCUS 02 Web Design

We got to evaluate the whole registration process as well as the customer journey when choosing the right product. We intended not just to make the registration more smooth and efficient, but also to provide the best guidance and service to the firefighters. The best approach we came up with was to develop an online shop that would provide best practices when it comes to the buyer's journey and combinate it with an innovative registration process that is easy to use and offers a variety of validation methods.

By analyzing the best online shop practices when it comes to offering smartphones, tariffs, and internet products, we extracted a product page that is clean, precise, and easy to use, yet provides all necessary information. The process that took days in the past is now done in about 10 minutes.