Design Quotes

I decided to create a website where I can store my favorite quotes said by some of the greatest designers. Also, I wanted to sharpen my web development skills.
I used a JS template from codedrops to create the beautiful image scroll effect you can see on the website.

Role: Product Designer, Developer
Date: 2020

FOCUS 01 Website design

Small typography contrasting with the large typography and large margins gives the overall experience a refined elegance that’s just as sophisticated as the designers themselves. The scrolling effect adds to the experience of a smooth slide through the website.

FOCUS 02 Responsive Design

Whenever I read something on most websites I find that the font size is too small. So I carefully optimized the font size and line-height for mobile to make it more readable.
With Figma Mirror and "Inspect" in the browser it was a piece of cake to test out and implement.