der HAAI app

A web app for monitoring HAAI stores. Clean dashboard with contrating colors, and a good overview of information. As the largest A1 franchise partner, with several locations, HAAI GmbH would like a daily evening report where the daily targets and sales figures are prepared asap for the management.

Client: HAAI (Cimet)
Role: Product Designer
Date: 2019

FOCUS 01 Narrative

By analyzing the current difficulties and the goals of what our customer wants to achieve with the software, we have written detailed user stories and requirements and coordinated them in advance with everyone involved. The goal was to only show the essentials to build the software simply and purposefully for the business. We took everything important with us, everything that is not necessary was left out.

FOCUS 02 Design

Due to the complex requirements, we opted for a clear and user-friendly platform that can be accessed via a browser. They wanted the dashboard to be clean, engaging, and easy but still professional, in contrast to the previous version that was dull and filled with information that was indistinguishable.We chose the contrasting colors orange and purple as the primary colors, to have green and red at our disposal for alerts and showing other important information and data.

FOCUS 03 Performance and Usability

A super admin in the company creates new ADMIN and can also control the authorizations. The numbers can be synchronized manually and/or via an interface to the cash register system. Daily reports are sent to a special distributor at 10 pm every evening. The weekly report is sent every Saturday and the monthly report is automatically sent on the last day of the month. The ability to make new adjustments at any time gives the customer great flexibility.

Through the performance cards per employee, you can directly address the problematic topics, in which area the employee struggles with sales. The area sales managers have a perfect overview of the shop and the region.